This ingenious product allows you to add pearls to your cakes and cupcakes, without having to use your fingers.

No longer will you have to painstakingly add pearls one by one using your hands, potentially leaving marks on the icing or dropping them on the floor.

With the Dragéekiss™ Pearl Applicator you can add pearls to your cakes, simply by squeezing the trigger.

The applicator is extremely easy to use. Simply unclip the tub that holds your pearls, lift the lid and fill with your chosen colour of pearls, then close the lid and clip back onto the applicator. There’s even a little funnel included to help prevent any pearls spilling over when filling.

The tub will hold more than 100 pearls at any one time so you won’t have to go back and constantly refill it. The tub holds 4mm and 5mm pearls which are the most often used.