• Transform your cakes from ordinary to extra-ordinary with this Sugarpaste Fondant from PME. This ready-made fondant is the go-to for cake decorators & sugar artists.
  • Introducing Thermo-Tech by PME : put the Sugarpaste into the microwave for 5-10 seconds to activate the Thermo-Tech feature, which provides you with a soft, pliable fondant that’s easy to work.
  • Achieve perfectly smooth edges with very little effort! The super-stretchy & flexible consistency allows the fondant to roll out really thin, stretching around the corner of cakes with ease. Easy handling prevents cracking, tears & breaks.
  • The light & superb premium taste will leave your cakes tasting as amazing as they look! Since you can roll this Sugarpaste thinner, less is required, so a little paste goes a long way.
  • Cover and smooth cakes with a velvety finish each time. The new & improved recipe is free from E171 and boasts the Thermo-Tech feature.