• From souffles and mousses to homemade ice cream and gummy sweets, Dr. Oetker’s Powdered Gelatine Sachets are the perfect blend of convenience, quality, and performance.
  • Each sachet is sufficient to set 1 pint of liquid.

To Use:

  • Use quantities of gelatine and liquid as stated in your recipe. One sachet (12g) sets 1 pint (570ml) of liquid.
  • To set 1 pint of liquid, sprinkle the gelatine sachet into a little hot water (approx. 8tbsp) to dissolve it. Always add gelatine to liquid, not the other way around. Stir briskly until thoroughly mixed and then add to the remaining liquid that you want to set.
  • If the gelatine does not thoroughly dissolve, stand the jug or bowl in a pan of warm water over a low heat.
  • Never allow gelatine mixture to boil as it can prevent achieving a good set.
  • 1 powder sachet is the equivalent of approximately 4 leaves of gelatine.