Quick Halloween Bake Ideas

As the big day rapidly approaches and with the kids on half term, we thought we would put up a couple of quick and easy suggestions for some fun Halloween bakes that are quick and easy to do.

First up is a colourful cupcake that is inkeeping with the season.  Using the recipe from our earlier cupcake blog we simply added orange Progel to the cupcake batter before baking (making sure to get the colour of the batter slightly darker than the colour we were looking for: as the cake expands during the baking the colouring is spread out further so will fade slightly).  We then used purple Colourflo liquid food colouring for the buttercream and topped it off with Sprinkletti Spooky Mix sprinkles.

Our other idea is a simple but effective Pumpkin Treat, all the fun of a Jack-O-Lantern and you actually get to eat it!

Again we used the cupcake recipe but this time we loaded the batter into a Wilton Jack-O-Lantern silicon mold (first having sprayed it with PME Release-A-Cake spray to make them nice and easy to get out).  Once baked and cooled we cleaned out the silicon mold and melted some orange Rainbow Dust Colour Melts.  Once melted we poured into the mold just to the point where the features of the face were covered and then we pushed the cakes face down into the melts and left to set completely.

Once set these popped out quite easily and were ready to enjoy.

And that’s the end of our quick little post.  Hopefully you’ll feel a little inspired to try your hand at some of these ideas or even something of your own, either way we wish you all a Happy Halloween!