Fondant Carrot Cookies

Since Easter is approaching, now’s a good time to make some snacks for the Easter Bunny!

Using our no chill cookie recipe and using our carrot cutter make the dough, roll out and cut your cookies. Once baked, leave to one side to cool.

This recipe will make a lot of cookies!

Roll out your fondant and cut carrots from it, we recommend the Wilton Roll and Cut Mat, this prevents fondant from sticking and also has a handy measuring guide!

Using a butter knife or other form of blunt knife slice the tops off the carrots, now attach these to the top of the cookies. You can attach by brushing a little water to the top of the cookie or use edible glue, smooth fondant down with your fingers.

Using the same blunt knife, score the fondant to add detail to your carrots.

To make the green tops mix royal icing with green food colouring of your choice, we used Colourmill Emerald and made the royal icing to a stiff consistency. Instead of a piping bag we used a piping bottle and a #5 piping tip.

Leave to one side to harden up.


These will last up to one week in an airtight container.

The Easter Bunny and Easter Chick very much enjoyed their cookies!